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Integrative Movement & Manual Therapy (IMMT) is an interdisciplinary approach to teaching that offers education to all physical rehabilitation professionals in the integration of movement and manual therapy.


Each physical rehabilitation profession has its brilliancies, but also its "blind spots".  Through our instructors' experience in their respective fields, they have created a series of courses to address these blind spots and provide various physical rehabilitation professions with the tools to help close these gaps.


IMMT teaches their students a framework that helps them refine their palpation skills, improve their manual therapy techniques from our different disciplines, allowing students to perform a wide range of manual therapy techniques and prescribe a systematic, progressive and personally tailored exercise program for clients.


IMMT's mission is to integrate various practitioners, from different backgrounds, who have a passion for physical rehabilitation, to learn together. We want to break down the divides that exist between professions and connect on a topic that unites us all: MOVEMENT. 




Our vision is to get all practitioners interested in physical rehabilitation to work together, collaborating on progressive, evidence based manual therapy and movement applications.  



  • Bring a multi-disciplinary team of instructors to work together on developing solutions to issues that hinder the progress of each of our professions.

  • Educate on the latest science of pain, manual therapy and exercise prescription by fostering critical thinking and self reflection.

  • Dispel common myths and outdated beliefs.

  • Offer progressive, evidence based, clinically relevant courses for practitioners who have an interest in physical rehabilitation.

  • Provide tools that can be applied to practice immediately.

Ready To Elevate Your Skills?

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