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Workout with Ropes

Overview of Courses




Our bodies are designed to move, and when pain and/or injury arises, it negatively impacts our movement patterns. When we fail to integrate and retrain movement patterns with clients, we often find ourselves continuously dealing with the same dysfunctions over and over again. Bridging the gap between the treatment table to the training floor, from pain to function, is a weakness in the physical rehabilitation field.  However, we have developed fundamental philosophies from some of the greatest minds that will allow a seamless transition through the rehab process.  These philosophies allow freedom to determine the progress of your clients based on their own personal rehabilitation journey, but also the correct dose-response needed to create the change you need to progress.


This course is an in-depth look at how to build the right movement plan so that your clients become self-sufficient and resilient. It will take a dive into the neurodevelopmental approach of exercise prescription, while demonstrating how to build fundamental movement competency, fundamental human capacity, and performance capacity.

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